Dr. Tilak Weerasiri

Dr. Tilak Weerasiri is an accredited private Obstetrician and Gynaecologist consulting from Northpark Private Hospital Bundoora and delivering at Northpark Private Hospital and The Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg. He has consulting rooms in Northpark Consulting Suites, Ground Floor, Suite 4 at Northpark Private Hospital. The facilities are outstanding, and private patients are accommodated in private rooms with ensuite.   Partner rooms with double beds are also available allowing partners to room in with mother and baby.
For the facilities at Northpark Private Hospital, Bundoora call 94680100 and for The Mercy Hospital for Women, Heidelberg, call 8458 4152.
To book an appointment to see Dr Tilak Weerasiri in his consulting suites at Northpark Private Hospital, call 9467 6016.